The loudspeaker industryWe have a large know-howin plastic moulds for the loudspeaker industry.

Plastics production

Our modern 5,500m2 production facilities in Billund include our own design department with CAD/CAM facilities, plastics production, maintenance department for production tools and equipment, as well as raw materials and finished goods warehouses. This ensures a coherent production process that also meets the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in terms of the environment. The introduction of the LEAN approach also ensures efficiency at all stages of production, as well as a strong focus on automation.

With our own production and warehouse facilities, we have the necessary flexibility to quickly convert production for urgent orders and at the same time we can offer our customers to source directly from our warehouse, as we are always ready to produce in accordance with framework agreements.

Our production also extends beyond national borders, as our cooperation with a number of foreign factories enables us to supply plastic components as well as production tools at competitive prices.

C. K. Produktion can also offer package solutions, where we supply the finished solution and take care of both the production of the item, purchasing and assembly of any sub-components, as well as managing the logistics so that the finished solution is delivered on time.