C.K. ProduktionMore than 35 years of experiencein injection moulding


1. Validity

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries, goods and services provided by C.K. Produktion, hereinafter referred to as CK, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


2. Offers

Unless otherwise stated, offers are valid for 3 months and always subject to prior sale. Prices quoted are subject to any calculation or typing errors.


3. Orders/order confirmations

Orders are only binding for C.K. Produktion after CK has given acceptance in the form of a written order confirmation.

All orders are delivered at the confirmed price, however, in the case of framework orders which may extend over more than 3 months, orders are subject to changes in supplier prices, exchange rate changes and other circumstances beyond CK's control.


4. Shipping and delivery conditions

All orders are delivered ex works and excluding special packaging, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The confirmed delivery date is always considered as the date of dispatch from CK, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All confirmed delivery times are given to the best of our knowledge. CK assumes no liability for any delays or consequences thereof, nor does this entitle the buyer to cancel the purchase without CK's acceptance.

Likewise, CK does not provide any form of compensation for any mislabeling/misdeliveries, other than redelivery of the goods to the original address. This includes payment for freight on the same terms as the original shipment.


5. Terms of payment

The terms of payment are stated in the order confirmation and/or in the invoice. The buyer is not entitled to withhold payment due to any complaint or other counterclaims without this being accepted in writing by CK. In the event of payment after due date, the buyer shall be charged interest in accordance with the applicable interest rate determined by CK.


6. Returns

Goods can never be returned without prior written agreement and will in any case always be at the customer's full expense and risk.

CK will also refuse to accept returns sent carriage forward without prior agreement.

Any agreed return must be made in such a way as to avoid further damage upon return.


7. Complaints

Any complaint must be notified to CK as soon as possible so that any defects can be remedied immediately, thus no complaints can be made about goods that are "picked up over time" and returned mixed/packaged loose. CK will always process any complaint promptly and seriously with a report to the customer of actions taken to eliminate recurrences.

For acknowledgements of complaints/replacement delivery/credit note, the following must be met:

  • For any transport damage, a complaint must be made within 8 days; the complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the consignment note with an endorsed remark and the customer's signature.
  • For deliveries with defects below 1%, no complaint can be made.
  • The goods must not have been subjected to any form of assembly or processing.
  • Complaints later than 6 months after delivery are considered "outdated".
  • In the event of goods being returned for inspection, any sorting or reworking, the customer is obliged to return the goods in their original packaging. 

CK's main efforts and objectives are:

No complaints necessary.


8. Reservation of title

Until full payment of interest and other costs, delivered goods remain the property of CK.

Tools, moulds, production equipment cannot be handed over, regardless of payment, if there are amounts due for any other goods/services.


9. Product liability

CK shall be liable for damage to persons or property resulting from defects in delivered products only to the extent that responsibility can be assigned to CK. However, CK disclaims any liability for loss of time, operating loss, loss of profit or similar indirect loss. CK can also never be held liable for defects resulting from poor construction or assembly where this has been carried out by the buyer, or damage resulting from incorrect or negligent use/application, which may be the result of faulty user instructions prepared by the buyer.


10. Legal proceedings and disputes

All disputes shall be settled in accordance with Danish law and with jurisdiction in the judicial district in Denmark where CK has its place of jurisdiction at all times by the court in Grindsted.


Billund, 1 January 2008