C.K. ProduktionMore than 35 years of experiencein injection moulding

Our profile

C.K. Produktion is a major Danish subcontractor of injection moulded plastic components for the industry. Founded in 1978, the company has more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

We employ 35-40 competent employees and have 5,500 m2 of production facilities under roof.

Our automated machinery has the latest technology in the field of production and automation. Items from less than 1 gram up to 5 kilograms are moulded on our production lines, with closing pressures from 25 - 650 tons.

Exports, which account for approximately 15%, are mainly directed to the European market.

We can be the customer's sparring partner from idea to finished product, and we can provide assistance at any stage required by the customer.

Our legitimacy as a subcontractor, and to reach new markets and customers, is strengthened by the key words:

- agreed quality

- agreed price

- agreed delivery